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Nebraska State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, speaking about people who carry guns into the Legislature, said this:

“As much as the Second Amendment is a right, so is the right to live a free and fearless life.”

No matter where you stand on the gun issue, she is right about “the right to live a free and fearless life.”

We have one simple question for the senator and her colleagues in Nebraska, in Michigan and across the nation:

Why are you so willing to deprive registered people of their right to a “free and fearless life”?

Oh, the lazy and uninformed response is, “Well, you committed a sex offense.” The fact of a sex offense has been used for years as a pretext to deny one group of people rights that are clearly recognized for the rest of the population. But all of the pretexts are based on lies: Sex offenders…

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National Civil Rights Organization Calls for Abolition of Publicized Sex-Offender Registries

Nebraska vigilante case just another in a string of similar incidents

Raleigh, North Carolina — In the wake of yet another vigilante murder of a person required to register on a public sex offender registry, the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL) is calling for the abolition of publicized sex offender registries nationwide.

On Saturday, May 16, Mattieo Condoluci, a publicly registered sex offender, was found shot to death inside his Omaha, Nebraska home. James Fairbanks, also of Omaha, surrendered voluntarily, took responsibility for the murder, and is being held in the Douglas County jail. Fairbanks stated that he learned of Condoluci’s status as a convicted sexual offender via the public-shaming Nebraska sex offender registry.

Fairbanks’ wanton murder of Condoluci (who is required by law to register as a sex offender) is just the latest in vigilante murders facilitated by public access to a sex offender registry:

These are just the best documented cases; there have been more, an indeterminable number more. These cases, in addition to all being cold-blooded murders carried out by vigilantes, have one thing in common: They were all facilitated by nothing other than the victim’s existence on a public sexual offender registry.

“There are individuals out there,” said Brenda Jones, NARSOL’s executive director, “who feel they have the right to kill those whose past actions they find despicable. The posting of names and addresses on a public shaming registry is telling these individuals exactly where to go.”

The efficacy of sexual offender registries in reducing recidivism and improving public safety is shown to be nonexistent.

According to Sandy Rozek, NARSOL’s communication director, “There is no justification in preserving a system that does not reduce re-offense rates, does not lower the rate of sexual assault, and that, rather than contributing to public safety, increases the danger to the public in many ways, one of which is painting a target on the foreheads of those with previous sexual crime convictions and giving their would-be killers a roadmap to their doors.”

NARSOL condemns, in the strongest possible terms, vigilante activity, most especially murder, of persons on sexual offense registries and calls on the federal government and states to immediately take the necessary steps to eliminate the online dissemination of these registries.

How to Protect No One

Murdering a registered person in his home protects no one. To assert otherwise is just a means of rationalizing violence.


Nearly all sexual assaults of children are committed by people who are not on a public-shaming website. The rate of reoffending by people convicted of sexual offenses is lower than for just about any other category of offense.

Public-shaming registries do not protect anyone. There is no documented instance anywhere showing that a public-shaming registry prevented or solved a crime.

Public-shaming registries are a relic of a time when politicians supported them to curry political favor among voters who were frightened by a news media obsessed with spectacular (and very rare) criminal cases.

Nebraska’s public-shaming sex-offender website exposes registered people to vigilante violence. In this way, the State of Nebraska sanctions hatred.

Nebraskans Unafraid does not condone criminal activity of any kind. We believe everyone has a right to safety and security, and that includes registered people.

Registered people have families just like everyone else. Many are parents and have children in their homes, and the State of Nebraska’s public-shaming website makes those homes targets for crazed haters and killers.

If you support public-shaming sex-offender websites, you support exposing to hatred and violence the children and other loved ones of registered people.

Nebraskans Unafraid advocates a solution to this problem. The solution is outlined in our publication The Perfect Bad Law. Everyone and anyone who is interested in protecting children should read this publication.