Registry Laws Have Gone Horribly Wrong

There is a rising tide of voices against the use of sex-offender registries, especially public notification registries, that deserves attention in the wake of the latest abuse of the Nebraska sex-offender registry. A post in Criminal Legal News by Christopher Zoukis is a year old, but it is more relevant today than when it was [...]

Phone Scammer Spoofs Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Phone Number

You get a call from (402) 444-6641 and the caller tells you "there is something wrong" with your registration. THIS IS A SCAM, A FRAUD, A SLIMEBAG. DO NOT BE TAKEN IN. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office does not call registrants to tell them there is something wrong with their registrations. If you get one [...]

‘Sex Offenders Are Not Second-Class Citizens,’ Says Judge While Nixing Alabama Rules on First Amendment Grounds

"Sex offenders are not second-class citizens," writes U.S. District Judge W. Keith Watkins in a recent decision overturning two provisions of the Alabama Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Act (ASORCNA) on First Amendment grounds. "The Constitution protects their liberty and dignity just as it protects everyone else's." Those points, which should be obvious, are a sadly [...]

Michigan AG Dana Nessel Does The Unthinkable: Argues The Truth About Registries

Reposted from Simple Justice: A Criminal Justice Blog by Guy Hamilton-Smith Michigan’s Attorney General has entered the cultural and legal conflagration of how we reckon with sexual violence in our society with a remarkable (and compelling) argument: Michigan’s sex offender registries are not effective at stopping sexual violence. It’s a remarkable argument. Safety and accountability have been [...]

Watch the Trailer for ‘Untouchable’

Stream it starting January 15 on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. FACT: More people are now listed on sex-offender registries than are currently in jail in the US. It's an amazing statistic that illuminates one of the darkest corners of our criminal justice system: our fear-based approach to dealing with sex offenders. So why do we have these massive lists? Are [...]

Participate in Survey on Impact of Registry

Dr. Danielle J.S. Bailey, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Texas at Tyler and her colleague, Dr. Jennifer Klein, are working on a research project that examines the impact of the sex offender registry on registered citizens’ employment experiences and overall economic situations. To collect data, they are using a survey questionnaire that asks [...]

New Bruce Norris play ‘Downstate’ argues that sex offenders are people, to

From the Chicago Tribune | Sept. 30, 2018 Review by Chris Jones Excerpts:  “Downstate,” which is a co-production with the National Theatre in London and is blisteringly acted under the direction of Pam MacKinnon, dares to do something that even Bruce Norris has not done before: to ask an audience to gather and debate the [...]