Sex Offender Registries Don’t Keep Kids Safe, But Politicians Keep Expanding Them Anyway

As demonstrated by the recent case of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire long accused of molesting underage girls, local prosecutors and judges have wide discretion to overlook wealthy offenders while imposing impossible restrictions on poorer ones.

FEARLESS Topic Saturday: Legal Challenge to Unconstitutional Nebraska Registry Law

FEARLESS on Saturday, July 13, will address this topic: Challenging Nebraska's Unconstitutionally Retroactive Registry Law Join us at 9 a.m. Saturday, July 13, at Holy Family Church, 1715 Izard Street, Omaha. Park on the street, lock your vehicle and leave no valuables inside, and enter the church through the side social hall entrance off 18th [...]

If Terms of Your Registration Were Changed AFTER You Were Sentenced, Join Our Fight for Your Constitutional Rights

If your SOR status changed and reporting requirements were determined by the Nebraska State Patrol after your original court sentence, please provide contact information to Nebraskans Unafraid at so that you may be reached if appropriate as the case develops.

Nebraska Gets 3rd FEARLESS Meeting

Nebraska, the birthplace of FEARLESS, is about to get its third FEARLESS meeting. The newest FEARLESS will meet on the second Saturday of the month, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., at Omaha’s Holy Family Church, 1715 Izard Street. The first meeting will be Saturday, June 8. Park on the street and enter the church from [...]

Researchers at UNO Ask for Your Help

Researchers at UNO are anxious to hear about your lives prior to and after your convictions. Specifically, they are trying to understand the role pornography viewing plays in sex offending. If interested, please contact Julie Garman at, which is a new email account established specifically for this study. Please be advised that you should [...]

Michigan Lawmakers Ordered to Revise Registry Years After It Was Found Unconstitutional

We can only hope that this is the future for Nebraska . . . A U.S. district court judge is giving Michigan lawmakers 90 days to change the state's sex offender registry law, almost three years after it was first ruled unconstitutional by federal appeals court. U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland issued an order that [...]