Research: Nebraska Sex-Offender Law Creates ‘Social Refugees’

Registrants and non-registrants alike are harmed while public safety is not served.Preliminary findings from the largest qualitative research study of its kind show that Nebraska's sex-offender law drives people from jobs and homes, harms families and damages people whose only "transgression" is living near a registrant."A neighborhood resident's custody of her children was threatened because [...]

Texas Newspaper Reports Some FACTS

Thanks to Lisa Sample, Ph.D., Criminal Justice Professor at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, for pointing out to us a real news story about Halloween. The story is headlinedExperts say Halloween laws against sex offenders are a scare tacticAn excerpt from the Dallas (Texas) Morning News story:Jill Levenson, an associate professor at Lynn University, said that [...]

Wildly Inaccurate Lies and Deceptions (WILD) Citation Goes to Erin Murray of WOWT-Channel 6 in Omaha

TV copy-reader Erin Murray of WOWT-Channel 6 in Omaha, Nebraska, is the winner of the first Nebraskans Unafraid Wildly Inaccurate Lies and Deceptions (WILD) Citation.The WILD Citation recognizes the promulgation of wrong, strange and outdated ideas regarding former sex offenders while ignoring research data and all of the truthful information that is available on the [...]

Target is on Target With ‘Ban the Box’ Policy

Second in a series by Eddie SidgeweckFrom the StarTribune in Minneapolis:Target Corp. will roll out a national program early next year that will eliminate the box on employment applications that asks job seekers whether they have a criminal record.The initiative, part of a budding “Ban the Box” movement across the country, calls for employers to [...]

Tide Turns Against Repunishment of Former Sex Offenders

by Adam R. BannerAdam R. Banner has proven himself a formidable opponent to those who would challenge his client’s constitutional rights. In recognition of his results in criminal litigation, he has been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Oklahoma. Moreover, he is “Lead Counsel” rated, and Avvo has named him as one of the [...]

Home-Invasive Verification Visits: Illegal Tricks, Sad Stunts

First in a Series by Eddie SidgeweckAbout those random home-invasive visits to registrants' homes, undertaken here and there by various law agencies but not required by any state law in Nebraska.In fact, Nebraska's current state laws supposedly provide law enforcement with the monitoring tools they need, including multiple in-person reports. However, we have documented a [...]

Laws Aimed at ‘Protecting’ Children Drive 15-Year-Old to Suicide

Third of Three from Gus:Recently I wrote on parenting, and how nobody within school administration has any sense of humor or proportionality in punishment anymore.Both of those articles stemmed from of story of Christian Ademek out of Alabama that brought those issues and the emotions involved to the forefront of my mind. This article comes out of [...]

Parenting for the Real World

Second of three from Gus:I parent this way: I’d rather teach knife safety than pretend that knives don’t exist and admonish my son from ever touching one. Same would go for firearms, if I could own any. Teaching proper safety keeps kids safe. Pretending dangers don’t exist, or forbidding kids from touching something that might [...]

Meet Our Writers: Introducing ‘Eddie Sidgeweck’

FACTS / NU wants to do a better job of engaging the readers of this blog and our other materials. To that end, we have assembled a number of registrants or registrants' family members who will contribute under pen names. Here's the second of our writers:_ _ _From "Eddie Sidgeweck":Like Gus, Eddie Sidgeweck is a [...]

Overreaction is the New Norm

Or, How Nobody has any Common Sense AnymoreFirst of Three from "Gus":It’s a sad fact that nobody who works with children can take a joke these days. In the realm of educators and the administration of schooling, grown-ups need to have a love for that line of work and a  ton of understanding. Why? Because kids [...]