5 FACTS About Former SOs That Should Help Shape Corrections Fixes

The need to fix Nebraska's broken corrections systems could not be more clear. This report is but the latest piece of information that thoughtful public policy makers should take into account.Because former sex offenders are part of the equation, these facts borne out by research also need to be considered:1. Research on Nebraska registrants shows that they [...]

OK, Help Us Understand: Who Do These Laws Protect?

Warn your kids that "sexting" can get them convicted and sentenced to years or a lifetime on a public shaming internet list just like the one used by the Nebraska State Patrol.This case is from Canada -- but it typifies what happens when crazy laws are enacted.The people who create these laws say they're protecting [...]

Former Offender Ordinance Repealed in Face of Lawsuit

El Dorado, California, County Supervisors voted to overturn a sex offender ordinance after a registered sex offender sued to have it repealed.The 2012 law limited sex offender access to parks and schools, but it’s in process of being repealed after a unanimous vote on Tuesday. FULL STORY

When Law Enforcement Shows Up at Your Door

Regarding those extra-legal visits to your home that some in law enforcement keep trying to justify: This infographic is an excellent guide to your rights and your proper behavior in any interaction with law enforcement. Note especially that you have a right to video- or audiotape law enforcement in performance of public duties, and they [...]

Women Against Registry (WAR) Pushing Back

A news release from Women Against Registry (WAR):FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Released to Press on 1/6/14)Contact: Vicki Henry, PresidentWomen Against Registry202.630.0345contact@womenagaisntregistry.com2014 Women Against Registry’s Operation Push BackVicki Henry, President of  W.A.R. says, “We hear heart-breaking stories from families being destroyed, children beaten, passed over for higher education opportunities, family homes damaged, members asked to leave their church and many [...]

11 Questions the Douglas County Sheriff Has Not Answered

From Eddie Sidgeweck:Registrants in Douglas County recently received a post card from the sheriff's office (reproduced here) whose stated purpose is to verify that the information provided when registrants go to the sheriff's office for "verification" is correct.The post card raises some questions for the sheriff. They are enumerated below. Don't just scan these questions [...]

Nebraska ‘Social Refugee’ Research Makes News in Arkansas

The ground-breaking University of Nebraska-Omaha research demonstrating the widespread harm caused by the Nebraska State Patrol sex offender website is making news in Arkansas.Station KARK in Little Rock interviewed one of the researchers, Tusty ten Bensel of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, as well as other experts on the issue. Click here to see the [...]

Phoenix TV Station Has a News Reporter Who Asked Real Questions and Did Actual Reporting on the Halloween Hoax

That's right: It is news when a TV news department does actual reporting on the Halloween Hoax.Third in a Series by Eddie SidgeweckCongratulations to news reporter Jason Barry of KPHO-TV in Phoenix. Unlike the bubbleheads who robotically mouth lies on the air about former sex offenders each Halloween, Barry actually did some reporting.The first four [...]

Research: Nebraska Sex-Offender Law Creates ‘Social Refugees’

Registrants and non-registrants alike are harmed while public safety is not served.Preliminary findings from the largest qualitative research study of its kind show that Nebraska's sex-offender law drives people from jobs and homes, harms families and damages people whose only "transgression" is living near a registrant."A neighborhood resident's custody of her children was threatened because [...]