11 Questions the Douglas County Sheriff Has Not Answered

From Eddie Sidgeweck: Registrants in Douglas County recently received a post card from the sheriff’s office (reproduced here) whose stated purpose is to verify that the information provided when registrants go to the sheriff’s office for “verification” is correct. The post card raises some questions for the sheriff. They are enumerated below. Don’t just scanContinue reading “11 Questions the Douglas County Sheriff Has Not Answered”

Nebraska ‘Social Refugee’ Research Makes News in Arkansas

The ground-breaking University of Nebraska-Omaha research demonstrating the widespread harm caused by the Nebraska State Patrol sex offender website is making news in Arkansas. Station KARK in Little Rock interviewed one of the researchers, Tusty ten Bensel of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, as well as other experts on the issue. Click here to seeContinue reading “Nebraska ‘Social Refugee’ Research Makes News in Arkansas”