In "Gandhi," Art Imitates Life in Nebraska

Watch this brief clip from the movie Gandhi. In the place of  “Indian,” use “registered sex offender.”  Then it becomes a fair description of circumstances in Nebraska for former offenders and their families.  There is an ancient principle that harsher the abuse heaped upon an oppressed group, the stronger become the oppressed. We are witnessingContinue reading “In "Gandhi," Art Imitates Life in Nebraska”

False ‘Facts’ in the Public Sphere

A Good Lie Is Hard to Kill   Wendy McElroy over at Reason.composted a piece on domestic violence statistics. A statistic that has been parroted by the Department of Justice, and even cited by Attorney General Eric Holder in a 2009 speech claimed that “the leading cause of death in the United States among AfricanContinue reading “False ‘Facts’ in the Public Sphere”

Assumptions Are ‘News’ at KETV-Channel 7

UPDATE: Another thoughtful perspective on this issue. Omaha TV station KETV-Channel 7 is the latest to buy into myth and lie about former sex offenders. A law enforcement PR piece about those extra-legal home-invasion visits to former offenders quotes one of the officers: “I assume that they’re reoffending, that they’re dropping off the radar becauseContinue reading “Assumptions Are ‘News’ at KETV-Channel 7”