Former Offender Ordinance Repealed in Face of Lawsuit

El Dorado, California, County Supervisors voted to overturn a sex offender ordinance after a registered sex offender sued to have it repealed. The 2012 law limited sex offender access to parks and schools, but it’s in process of being repealed after a unanimous vote on Tuesday. FULL STORY

When Law Enforcement Shows Up at Your Door

Regarding those extra-legal visits to your home that some in law enforcement keep trying to justify: This infographic is an excellent guide to your rights and your proper behavior in any interaction with law enforcement. Note especially that you have a right to video- or audiotape law enforcement in performance of public duties, and theyContinue reading “When Law Enforcement Shows Up at Your Door”

Women Against Registry (WAR) Pushing Back

A news release from Women Against Registry (WAR): FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Released to Press on 1/6/14)Contact: Vicki Henry, PresidentWomen Against 2014 Women Against Registry’s Operation Push Back Vicki Henry, President of  W.A.R. says, “We hear heart-breaking stories from families being destroyed, children beaten, passed over for higher education opportunities, family homes damaged, members asked to leave theirContinue reading “Women Against Registry (WAR) Pushing Back”