Will Nebraska Engage Real Reasons for Prison Overcrowding?

The prison overcrowding topic is current in Nebraska, where the core issues might or might not be addressed. Voters should be aware of, and be prepared to question politicians about, the true reasons for prison overcrowding. As suggested in an earlier post, one reason is that there is money to be made from the prisonContinue reading “Will Nebraska Engage Real Reasons for Prison Overcrowding?”

January 2014 Newsletter Going to Press

The January 2014 issue of Ninety-Five%, the newsletter for friends of Nebraskans Unafraid/FACTS, is going to press and will be in the mail soon. This issue includes a moving account of community support offered to the wives of former sex offenders. All families who have experienced the pain of Nebraska’s state-imposed shunning will be heartenedContinue reading “January 2014 Newsletter Going to Press”

Note You Can Send to Candidates for Sheriff and Other Offices

Following up on our previous post regarding the need for you to be sure to vote, here is a note that one former SO sent to candidates in races that he will help decide: I am a registered voter.  I am also an ex-offender. In 1990 I was arrested and charged for a sex-crime.  IContinue reading “Note You Can Send to Candidates for Sheriff and Other Offices”