Overreaction is the New Norm

Or, How Nobody has any Common Sense AnymoreFirst of Three from “Gus”: It’s a sad fact that nobody who works with children can take a joke these days. In the realm of educators and the administration of schooling, grown-ups need to have a love for that line of work and a  ton of understanding. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Overreaction is the New Norm”

Sanity Prevails in Alexandria as Residency Restriction Is Rejected

The City fathers in Alexandria, Nebraska, have apparently decided against a residency restriction ordinance. Kudos to Alexandria. Alexandria’s leaders are interested in measures that actually make their community more safe. Residency restrictions do not do that. The Lincoln Journal Star story.

The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry

Fortunately, the private sector is proactive where the law fails A note from Gus: Being on the sex offender registry isn’t fun. It affects where you can live, ability to get a job, raising a family, and moving past the worst thing you ever did. If being a sex offender isn’t bad enough, most statesContinue reading “The True Internet Predators Are in the Mug-Shot Extortion Industry”