Assumptions Are ‘News’ at KETV-Channel 7

UPDATE: Another thoughtful perspective on this issue. Omaha TV station KETV-Channel 7 is the latest to buy into myth and lie about former sex offenders. A law enforcement PR piece about those extra-legal home-invasion visits to former offenders quotes one of the officers: “I assume that they’re reoffending, that they’re dropping off the radar becauseContinue reading “Assumptions Are ‘News’ at KETV-Channel 7”

The SMART Office Case Law Handbook

Here is a good resource from the federal government that summarizes case law and legislative trends and issues in connection with former sex offender registration and notification: SMART Office Case Law Handbook

Long-Overdue Lawsuit

A long-overdue lawsuit in Missouri exposes the state’s civil commitment program as a $25 million sham that is in essence a prison disguised as a mental health facility. The lawsuit is another development that signals the ending of the era of Nebraska-like programs that unconstitutionally punish former offenders while masquerading as public-safety initiatives. Here isContinue reading “Long-Overdue Lawsuit”