A Child’s Story

Years ago, a child told the Nebraska Legislature’s Judiciary Committee how the state’s anti-sex offender laws encourage bullying of the children in school. The Judiciary Committee did nothing for this child. These are the laws that Attorney General Jon Bruning and state Sen. Pete Pirsch claimed were to “protect” children. This of course is notContinue reading “A Child’s Story”

Opinion: KETV Incompetence Harms Community

Nebraskans Unafraid / FACTS extends its gratitude to Lisa Sample, Ph.D., and individuals across the nation who assisted with the production of Confronting the Lie. Confronting the LieĀ is a response to the latest trash-TV report in Omaha that is based on decades-old myths and lies that have been debunked by researchers across the nation. Dr.Continue reading “Opinion: KETV Incompetence Harms Community”

Expert Says Current Law Will Only Increase Harm to the Community

In Confronting the Lie – Part Three, University of Nebraska-Omaha criminal justice professor Lisa Sample, Ph.D., says she wants to make sure policy-makers base their decisions about sex offenders on science. And the science says that the vast majority of sex offenders do not re-offend. Endlessly punishing them and their families, especially by putting themContinue reading “Expert Says Current Law Will Only Increase Harm to the Community”