From Women Against the Registry

A news release from Women Against the Registry: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/17/14Contact: Vicki Henry, President Women Against Registry 202.630.0345 contact@womenagainstregistry.comWomen Against Registry is “Pushing Back” In a recent article published by the Lacrosse Tribune on February 02, 2014, “Rethinking sex offenders: Wisconsin freeing more sex offenders; old recidivism data exaggerated risk” referring to a stateContinue reading “From Women Against the Registry”

Ninety-Five% Can Be Mighty-Fine% at the Polls

The February issue of Ninety-Five%, the monthly newsletter for Nebraskans Unafraid donors and friends, has hit mailboxes. It has valuable information for registrants and their families, in particular people whose voting rights are restored. If you were convicted of a felony (aside from treason), your voting rights are restored two years after completion of your sentence.Continue reading “Ninety-Five% Can Be Mighty-Fine% at the Polls”

‘Novel’ Idea: When You’ve Served Your Sentence, It’s Over

Received the following email (below the dashes) after posting the true story from the Nebraska courtroom (previous post). It makes perfect sense and it is the attitude that should be adopted by each and every offender once the sentence has been completed._ _ _ Ever hear of anyone using the argument once incarceration is overContinue reading “‘Novel’ Idea: When You’ve Served Your Sentence, It’s Over”