New phone scam targets people forced to register

  • Do not fall for phone scams
  • Registry enforcement is NOT done by phone
  • Hang up and report this fraud to law enforcement

Nebraskans Unafraid has been asked to warn the community about a new phone scam that targets people forced to register.

The scam is perpetrated by phone call.  The scammer will tell you that you failed to respond to some fictitious letter indicating that you had two days to verify registry information.  The caller then works the scam by saying you need a $750 voucher (amount might vary) to avoid going to jail. You might be told that if you go to the sheriff’s office you will be arrested.

You might be given instructions on how to obtain a voucher.

All of the scammer’s statements are lies. This is a fraud and you should not be taken in by it.

No registry enforcement is done by phone. Law enforcement will never call you and demand money.

If you get a phone call like this, simply ignore it and report it to legitimate law enforcement.

If you use a mobile phone, it’s a good idea to put trusted contacts in your contacts list and if you get a call from someone not on that list, just don’t answer it.

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