Has law enforcement invaded your home?

  • ‘Compliance Checks’ are about money for police, not public safety.
  • Know your rights when they’re at your door.
  • Tell Nebraskans Unafraid about your law enforcement encounter.

The home-invasive visits euphemistically called “compliance checks” are carried out by Nebraska law enforcement agencies with little or no regard for the rights of people who are forced to register.

These checks are not in the interest of public safety. They’re in the financial interest of the law enforcement agency that carries them out. Here’s the game: You tell the state where you live, and the state puts that information on the registry, to your detriment. Then law enforcement comes out to that address and if you are there, they check off a box. Agencies receive grant money (your tax funds) to conduct these checks.

So you are paying taxes to be abused by your law enforcement agency.

If you happen not to be home, some law enforcement agencies slap a note on your door telling you to call them. Don’t worry. There is no legal requirement for you to make that call.

Always remember this: If you are under the supervision of a parole or probation officer, you are required to answer the door when your PO knocks. You are required to answer the door when law enforcement officers accompany your PO. When law enforcement comes without your PO, though, you are not required to answer the door. If you are no longer under supervision of any kind, and there is no warrant involving you or your home, you definitely are not required to answer the door when law enforcement knocks. Here is one resource that outlines your rights.

It is time to shine a light on furtive law enforcement invasions of the homes of people who have completed their sentences and have the right to feel secure in their own homes. Tell us your story by using this anonymous form.

Nebraskans Unafraid intends to use information gathered here to inform lawmakers and other public policymakers. Please help us.

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