Nebraska Story #2: Trevor

Nebraska undercuts those trying to live better lives.

  • Law should recognize extreme situations.
  • Even when he succeeds, Nebraska finds a way to make him fail.

This is a series of Nebraska stories about life on the registry. All names have been changed, even when the registrant said we could use his or her name. Some details may be changed to protect the people in the stories but the laws that cause so much grief are very real.

Trevor lived alone, a triumph after the difficulty he had finding a job and housing while on the registry.

In the spring of 2019, his home flooded in the extreme flooding event confronting much of Nebraska, and he had to evacuate immediately. The law required him to notify the sheriff of his move within three days before moving but he had no choice.

Not only was Trevor not able to notify the sheriff before his move, but flooded roads and washed-out bridges made it impossible for him even to reach the sheriff’s office.

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Nebraska registry laws make no accommodation for extreme situations like this. No matter what the reason for a move—divorce, domestic violence, flood, fire—Nebraska should not put people at risk of a felony because of a sudden change of address.

When someone is trying to live a better life, Nebraska should let him do that without forever having the threat of a felony over his head.

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