Scamming Scum Might Call You, and You Should Just Hang Up


  • Do not send money under threat
  • Law enforcement does not work this way
  • Scamming scum is trying to scare you – be FEARLESS!
  • Even if the number looks official, IT ISN’T
  • They DO NOT have a warrant for your arrest

If you get a phone call from “law enforcement” that has to do with your registry status, do not provide any information. It’s probably NOT law enforcement. Assume it is a scam, no matter how sure the caller sounds. The caller will sound official and they will know quite a bit about you. They got their information from the registry. 

Be patient. Let them talk; they may threaten to come arrest you. When they ask for money, you can be sure it is a scam.You can simply hang up. There is no need to argue with them or converse with them at all at this point.

Some scammers will tell you that you are under phone surveillance and that you are not allowed to hang up. HANG UP ANYWAY. That is not something that law enforcement will do. Scammers do not want you to hang up and call the real cops. They want you to be afraid and they can make sure you are afraid by continuing to tell you how much trouble you are in.

Scammers like to operate after hours or on weekends when it will be difficult for you to reach someone at the law enforcement agency for verification.

Some scammers ask you to purchase a Visa gift card for a specific amount and then tell you to meet them somewhere to deliver the money. DO NOT DO THIS.

Law enforcement does not work this way. Some scammers want to be paid through PayPal. Law enforcement does not work this way, either. Scammers can and will “spoof” a law enforcement phone number so that caller ID may indicate a legitimate call from that agency. It isn’t. 

Scammers will tell you they have a warrant for your arrest. They don’t. 

Scammers will use the name of someone who actually works at the law enforcement agency so that when you google the caller’s name, you will believe it is a legitimate call. It isn’t.

Remember: If law enforcement has a warrant for your arrest, they are not going to call and tell you that. 

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