Resources on the Damage Done by Registries

Books, podcasts, blogs and journalists — there are dozens of information resources out there for anyone interested in learning more about the corrosive damage done by sex-offense registries.

Now, a listing with many of these resources is available at the blog Notes from the Handbasket.

In addition to keeping track of this listing, you might want to just bookmark the blog — its posts are on-target and cogent and worth your time.

Registry Failures

Nebraska’s fear-mongering public-shaming sex offense website fails in ways almost too numerous to count. But we have categorized some of them. Here is today’s reminder:

If you find that you have a neighbor listed on the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry website, and your neighbor lives with her or his family, holds a job and leads a productive life, that person probably is no more dangerous than you yourself are. Under no circumstances should you buy into typical popular news media stories about sex offenders. News media and law enforcement work together to scare you. The tactic backfired in Lincoln, Neb., when law enforcement invited news media to tag along while they went around to harass people who were convicted of sexual offenses.

A 22-year-old mom who stayed for the weekend at a childcare provider’s home with her young toddler was cuffed in front of the child and hauled off to jail. This is how the Nebraska sex-offense website protects children? By ripping young moms away from their children for technical violations?

The example also typifies news media gullibility. They excitedly report it when a “registered sex offender” reoffends. The fact is, that’s news because it is so rare. Neither law enforcement nor news media will report on the vast majority of registrants who never reoffend but continue to be subjected to state-sanctioned hatred and violence from law enforcement.

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