We Have Your Back

Because the state of Nebraska is willing to expose you and your loved ones to hatred, threats and violence;

Because frauds and scammers target registered people and there is no discernible effort by our elected bodies to combat this;

Because the state of Nebraska incorrectly brands every registered person as dangerous;

We must work together for our mutual aid and protection.

Nebraskans Unafraid has your back if you have been placed on the state’s public-shaming website.

  • We inform you through our website, blog and other means of notable developments locally and across the nation.
  • We advocate for you, testifying before the Legislature when necessary to stop the proliferation of registry laws promulgated by grand-standing politicians.
  • We facilitate meetings of FEARLESS, places of safety and support for registered people and their families and friends.

Nebraskans Unfraid relies on the generosity of donors to accomplish its mission advocating for and supporting registered people, their families and friends.

Donors who give at least $60 a year receive our monthly print newsletter Ninety-five%.

You may donate online or by mail.

Be sure to visit our voting information page.

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Nebraskans Unafraid is committed to making our communities safer by ensuring that lawmakers and policymakers do not support laws that cause homelessness, joblessness and damage to families.

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