It is Halloween Hoax Season

Halloween season is upon us. You’re going to see some news media who still buy into the Halloween Hoax — that is the lie that somehow people who are on the public-shaming registry website prey on trick-or-treaters.

Let’s get this clear: There is no such danger. Research proves that people on the registry do not target trick-or-treaters (click here). The study linked here predates the establishment of the Adam Walsh Act, so it is impossible to credit stricter registry laws for that fact that there is no increased danger from Registered Citizens on Halloween (or on any other date, for that matter).

Quoting from the study abstract at the above link:

National Incident-Base Reporting System crime report data from 1997 through 2005 were used to examine daily population adjusted rates from 67,045 nonfamilial sex crimes against children aged 12 years and less. Halloween rates were compared with expectations based on time, seasonality, and weekday periodicity. Rates did not differ from expectation, no increased rate on or just before Halloween was found, and Halloween incidents did not evidence unusual case characteristics. Findings were invariant across years, both prior to and after these policies became popular. These findings raise questions about the wisdom of diverting law enforcement resources to attend to a problem that does not appear to exist.

Last year, an Omaha radio station embarrassed itself by buying into the Halloween Hoax.

Nebraskans Unafraid has helped to stamp out most of the remnants of this hysteria-inspired madness. We’ll keep at it until the news media stop lying to you.

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