Sex offender recidivism fact-based research statistics

AVNetnews, from Sarasota, Florida, has a rundown of several sex offender recidivism studies. They include a few older, less credible, studies and a few more recent and scientifically valid studies.

Here is their introduction:

The following Sex Offender Recidivism Fact-Based Research Statistics show that “facts are stubborn things”, refuting the shill, rants and other myths, such as the unsupported “frighteningly high recidivism”. We must read this and understand these laws hoping to protect kids are in reality destroying kids and their families.

Note that the 2013 Nebraska Sex Offender Registry Study is not included among the recent studies listed by AVNetnews.

Check out the AVNetnews report here.

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Nebraskans Unafraid is committed to making our communities safer by ensuring that lawmakers and policymakers do not support laws that cause homelessness, joblessness and damage to families.

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  1. Okay have done years of research and spent a lot of times writing articles about re-offense rates. The way this came across really upset me so, I thought I would leave a comment, nope you can't do that so then I thought I would do the normal things that I do which is contact the author and the editor and send them actual facts. Guess what No way to contact them through the article. So I went to the contact page for the website which turns out to be great if I want to buy some water or fruit or sign up for their newsletters. But there is no contact person this is quite obviously a hack website and this information should be pulled from all advocate websites we don't need to promotes the high re-offense rates that they are professing, people on the registry have a re-offense rate of less than 1% in any given year. Studies that look at subgroups of people on the registry do a great disservice to all advocates. Everybody that is on the registry is affected by the laws thereby only studies that look at everybody on a registry rather it is state or national is the only way to evaluate the actual re-offense rates for the registry. If you want accurate information about the re-offense rate go to and look through the older articles on our front page for example or


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