Registered father prohibited from seeing son in NICU

Another story of a father prevented from visiting his young child in the hospital because the father is a registered sex offender. This story is from St. Louis, Missouri.

The man was 19-years-old when the offense happened in 2004. The victim of the aggravated criminal sexual abuse was 13. 

14 years later, he is a husband and a father. 

His son was recently born about a month early and was rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing. 

The dad said he showed up to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and his I.D. was checked, which is hospital policy. 

“They called security and explained because I was a registered sex offender I had to have an escort to go anywhere,” he said.

Recall the recent case of a Wisconsin man, and registered citizen, who sued a Milwaukee hospital after he was prohibited from being with his son.

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