Bills to reduce Nebraska prison overcrowding pulled from debate after filibuster threat

One word nearly derailed the Nebraska Legislature’s attempt to pass a bill aimed at reducing the state’s prison population, as reported in the Lincoln Journal-Star.

An attempt to change one word — the word “shall” to the word “may” — nearly scuttled a package of legislative bills aimed at reducing prison crowding Tuesday. 

It did prompt Judiciary Committee Chairwoman Laura Ebke to pull the package from debate to cool down what was becoming a filibuster of an important set of bills, she said.  

The package leads with a bill (LB841), introduced by Lincoln Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, that would require the Department of Correctional Services and the Board of Parole to submit a plan on how they would accelerate the parole review process in the event of a prison overcrowding emergency.

Read more about the bill and the debate in the Lincoln Journal-Star.


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