Colorado man removed from sex offender registry in "unusual" case

Reporter Kaitlin Durbin writes about a Colorado Springs man who has won his battle to be removed from the sex offender registry, in a case described as “unprecedented.” The man was convicted in a Romeo-and-Juliet case in Missouri, for having sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend when he was 17. 

For more than a decade, David felt “like trash” having to register as a sex offender because he had consensual sex with his girlfriend when they were both minors. 

Now, with the help of a local attorney, those days are behind him. 

He was officially removed from the registry Jan. 2. 

Now I feel like everybody else,” David said. The Gazette agreed to use only his first name to protect his identity.

It’s sad that anyone should be labeled a “sex offender” under such circumstances…or that anyone should be on a sex offender registry.

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