Bill would change standard of consent for sex to "yes means yes"

A bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature (LB988) would change what it means to consent to sexual activity. Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks introduced the bill that would move the state to an affirmative consent standard, as reported in the Lincoln Journal-Star.

As it is now, state law says a person must express a lack of consent through words or conduct. 

With the bill, consent means words or overt actions that indicate a knowing and voluntary agreement, freely given, to engage in sexual contact or intercourse. A person could also still withdraw consent with words or conduct. 

According to the bill, these things would not imply or give consent: current or previous dating, social or sexual relationship by itself; how the person is dressed; the victim’s use of drugs or alcohol.

That is the standard used by the University of Nebraska in its sexual misconduct policy, according to the report.

Read more of the Journal-Star article here.

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  1. If they are going to pass a law like this, it should include the a provision that demands the full consent of the people before passing legislation that screws the public. You know, like this bill. California's Yes Means Yes law is a joke. I hope y'all like filling out consent forms to get it notarized before engaging in intimacy. Can Nebraska go one year without introducing at least one dumb bill?


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