A new scarlet letter for harassment charges

In a tongue-in-cheek column in the Gainesville (Fla.) Times, Ron Martz writes that we need a registry for men accused of “sexual misconduct,” similar to sex offender registries.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Matt Lauer, Al Franken, Roy Moore, Bill Clinton, Georgia H.W. Bush, Charlie Rose or John Conyers doing the touchy-feely thing or some other form of sexual harassment or misconduct. Unwanted touching or misconduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual battery and/or assault (laws differ from state to state) and deserve to be punished in the same manner as all other sex offenses. 

To that end, I am proposing that each state be required to create a Sexual Harassment/Misconduct Registry modeled on the existing sex offender registries.

None of these famous men is likely to end up on a sex offender registry. And they shouldn’t. Neither should anybody else.

Sex offenses, real or concocted, constitute the one class of crimes that require no hard evidence beyond the mere allegation. There is no presumption of innocence with sex crimes; there’s only the assumption of guilt. 

Repentant murderers can find public sympathy and redemption. So too can drug and alcohol abusers. 

Not so for accused sex offenders. Once tarred, forever scarred. 

Read the Martz’s full column here.

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