NARSOL seeks stories of Registered Humans

National RSOL has launched a new project, Registered Humans.

From the NARSOL website:

As advocates, we are daily faced with stereotypes of “sex offender” that are completely inadequate to show the broad range of persons who are required to register. These stereotypes create monsters instead of flawed human beings trying to turn their lives around. This flawed public opinion is at the root of our flawed laws and also creates huge challenges for persons on the registry, who often feel hopeless and alone.

Registered Humans is an opportunity for persons who are on the registry to show their better side — their humanity — and share how they have built new lives for themselves, found support, and overcome many hurdles.

We encourage people on the registry from all walks of life who have been offense free for a year or more to participate in the Registered Humans project by writing a short “snapshot” of their life: the contribution they make to society; their family life; what brings them happiness now; and their accomplishments, hopes and dreams. Our goal is to provide encouragement to other registrants and break the stereotypes that hold registrants down. We hope such stories will help outside readers see who people on the registry really are and at the same time help other registrants who might benefit from their journey and vision for the future.

We will screen and post the stories that seem to most advance the goals of the project. All stories must include either a full or partial true name and a candid photo. The reason for this is that we are hoping this will be just phase one of the Registered Humans project. Phase two would involve creating video vignettes which are used as public service announcements.

To learn more or to share your story, please go to

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