The Dobbs Wire: Vermont does the registry different

Like all states Vermont has a sex offense registry and there’s a website to make the information available worldwide, 24/7.   “Community notification” is the official purpose but extreme ‘naming and shaming’ a more honest take.  The typical registry website has a great deal of personal information about registrants including name, age, photo, home address, details about the offense and victim, and more.   Vermont does it a little different, the town or city is included but not the street address – apparently out of concern for  accuracy and that address information can facilitate harassment or even vigilante attacks.  There’s pressure to add the addresses for some categories of registrants.  Have a look at this Burlington Free Press story which takes a surprising turn at the end — don’t miss Karen Tronsgard-Scott’s perspective, she’s the director of Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.  –Bill Dobbs, The Dobbs Wire 

Read the article in the Burlington Free Press.

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