Sex offenders say Illinois parole system is broken

A group of registered sex offenders have filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago, saying residence restrictions keep them in prison even after they’ve been granted parole. They say the restrictions amount to life sentences.

The trouble begins with the courts’ interpretation of the sentencing law, which permits parole terms from three years to life at a court’s discretion.Rather than setting determinate parole periods within that timeframe, however, state courts routinely sentence sex offenders to indeterminate parole, the complaint states.When a sex offender serves that time outside prison, he earns credit towards termination of his parole.But when the offender is not able to leave prison because he cannot legally live in any of his proposed “host sites,” he can never earn termination of his parole, effectively sentencing him to life in prison, according to the lawsuit.

Read the full story from the Courthouse News Service.

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One thought on “Sex offenders say Illinois parole system is broken

  1. The federal and district courts across the United States have all but obliterated the Constitution of the United States. They they consistently hide behind mask of protecting the public while stepping all over the rights of people who have become imprisoned by their prejudice viewpoints. More importantly I'm sick and tired of hearing about all the special rights that the victims have. Nobody in this country has special rights including victims. We only have rights for all that means equally all. Crimes will always be a part of society and while we can do what we can to minimize the risk of crime we cannot rid ourselves of it for it is our nature as human beings to do wrong. It gives nobody special powers to strip other people of rights simply because they are a victim or want to claim the status of such. These are hard words but I'm so sick of these laws being one-sided all the time. Nobody is benefiting and many lives are being destroyed. What is happened to this country?

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