Despite LB 285 of 2009, Rape Reaches Historic High Levels in Nebraska

Rape in Lincoln is at its highest level in 25 years, and rape in Nebraska is on the rise in spite of the state’s harsh sex-offender law enacted in 2009.

If the law — LB 285 of 2009 — worked as it was advertised, we would not have this tragic and growing list of victims.

LB 285 tossed every former offender on a public-shaming website and eliminated risk assessments.

LB 285, Nebraska’s version of the perverted and discredited federal Adam Walsh Act, was sold to lawmakers and the public as the perfect public-safety tool. But let’s be plain and honest: The true intent of LB 285 was to help get then-State Attorney General Jon Bruning elected to the U.S. Senate.

It failed, even in that. Now, it is clear, it fails as a public safety tool.

It is time to roll back this harmful useless law.

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