University Notifies Community of Student’s RSO Status…You Know the Rest

After two successful semesters as a linguistics student at University at Buffalo, Daniel is now a former student because he is a registered sex offender.

Because the court deemed Daniel “psychologically abnormal,” the judge – Kenneth Case of Erie County – bumped his level up a notch higher than his original Level 1 score. 

His abnormality? Mild autism.

Now, the Level 2 label could remain with Daniel for life. 

This label has already forced Daniel to leave his UB on-campus housing – where he had spent almost eight uneventful months after his arrest, but prior to his conviction. It’s also prevented him from getting a job or attending classes at UB.

Uneventful months. He has not reoffended.

Who would want to house or hire or even befriend a sex offender? 

Because Daniel was denied housing on UB’s campus, the university determined he could not be in any on-campus dorms. In August of 2014, he was caught in his girlfriend’s dorm room and arrested. 

Last Wednesday, he got his punishment: He’s not allowed on campus for a year. 

The punishment doesn’t matter to Daniel. 

He dropped out of school at the end of the fall semester, ending his hopes of becoming a linguistics researcher. It was too hard to be a sex offender and a student.

Read the whole thing. You won’t find any shocking surprises, just the heartbreaking and routine bureaucratic evisceration of a young man’s life.

~ marie

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