March Ninety-Five%: Helping the Wives of Registered Citizens Connect

The March 2015 issue of Ninety-Five%, the monthly newsletter for friends and donors of Nebraskans Unafraid (NU), is out. In this issue: We want to help the wives of Registered Citizens connect with one another.

Ninety-Five% goes out monthly to individuals who donate at least $5 per month to NU.  If you’re interested in giving, click here.

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Nebraskans Unafraid is committed to making our communities safer by ensuring that lawmakers and policymakers do not support laws that cause homelessness, joblessness and damage to families.

One thought on “March Ninety-Five%: Helping the Wives of Registered Citizens Connect

  1. Registered citizens can also connect in another way. An account called MAP-NETWORK has been set up on to act as an information center for collective action to defend the rights and dignitly of registered citizens among others. The purpose of the account is to allow all registered citizens to access information enabling them to act in a unified political bloc. This will give them greater political power to bring sanity back to the law.

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