The Clueless Associated Press

The Associated Press reported recently that Wichita’s Louie the Clown, an amusement park dummy that had been missing 10 years, was found (GASP!) in the home of a sex offender.

The AP offers no word on Louie’s condition or whether he was examined for, uh, any damage.

The AP is the outfit that several years ago breathlessly reported that a child had gone missing in a trailer park where lots of sex offenders live. Turned out sex offenders had nothing to do with the disappearance. I don’t think The AP was even ashamed for producing such tripe and passing it off as “news.”

Meanwhile, here are the headlines on some other stories The AP has in the works:

  • Sex Offender Has Cup of Morning Coffee

  • Light Turns Red, Sex Offender Brings Vehicle to a Halt

  • Sex Offender Prepares to Watch the Oscars

  • Mom Has Chat With Sex-Offender Who is Her Son

  • Guy Walks Down Street, Passes 100s of Sex Offenders But Doesn’t Notice Them

  • Gas Prices on the Rise; Sex Offenders Still Filling Up

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