Documents Support Allegations That Bruning’s AG Office Told Corrections Staff to Disregard Supreme Court Rulings

Jon Bruning

The office of former Nebraska Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning, architect of Nebraska’s current draconian sex-offender law, told the state Department of Corrections to effectively disregard state Supreme Court rulings on sex offenders.

That’s according to a report today by Nebraska Watchdog.

Last September, Bruning denied allegations that his office told corrections officials to pay no heed to the Supreme Court rulings. He declined to comment today on the Nebraska Watchdog story. Documents obtained by Nebraska Watchdog under the state’s open records law support the allegations.

Remember, Bruning is the guy who gleefully touted his plans to “drop a hammer on sex offenders.”

Makes us wonder what should be dropped on a chief law enforcement officer who tells state employees to disregard court rulings.

Here’s the complete Nebraska Watchdog story.

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