Cruelty in Ohio

What do you think of a sheriff who spends time figuring out a way to deny the wishes of a dying military veteran?

In Ohio, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has done just that. An outfit called the Dream Foundation was underwriting a “final wish” trip to the Grand Canyon for a dying veteran who also happens to be a Registered Citizen. The sheriff’s office ginned up a public outcry, and the Dream Foundation withdrew the offer.

That kind of cruelty is just hard to fathom. Here is an excerpt from an individual who commented on this pathetic display of meanness:

Human beings are fallible – we err, we screw up, we make mistakes. It is expected, when forgiveness underlies all major world religions, that we can redeem ourselves and be welcomed back into the tribe. No one should be known, or punished forever, for the worst thing s/he has ever done. No one is beyond redemption. And no one deserves such ignoble treatment, especially in their last days.

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