When Sheriff Wants to Be Alone With You, Naked, in a Restroom, You Should Refuse to Comply

OK. Maybe we shouldn’t have to tell you this. But if the local sheriff calls you down to his office and tells you he needs to take you into the rest room and undress you, you need to refuse to comply.

Just trust us on this. This important safety tip is prompted by this news story out of Texas:

DECATUR, Texas (CN) – A North Texas sheriff’s deputy abused his position to fondle and take nude photos of a registered sex offender, the man claims in court.

John Doe sued Wise County and its Deputy Chad Hightower on Dec. 23, in Wise County Court. Wise County is northwest of Fort Worth.

Doe claims that Hightower called him by telephone in December 2013 and told him that photos taken of him for the Texas sex offender registry “were not satisfactory because of a glare, and that John Doe was required to come to the Sheriff’s Department to have the photographs retaken. Full story.

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