We Can’t Wait for Easter and the Scary TV Stories About Those Suspicious Easter-Egg Hunts

Acting like it actually was news, an Omaha TV station reported on a cab driver who — like others during the holidays — dressed up like Santa Claus.

He had lost his pet dog, during work hours, and was looking for it. He asked passersby for help.

This prompted the principal of a nearby school to send out a mass phone call scaring parents about a guy dressed up like Santa, saying he’s looking for a lost dog.

Turned out it was, well, a guy dressed up as Santa who had lost his pet. Not at all a threat to kids, or anyone else. The story did not make even the tiniest squeak about how this was an unbelievable over-reaction by the principal.

If you’re thinking it just makes sense to be safe, think again, about the boy who cried “wolf” too often.

This is news? Unreasoning fear — firmly rooted in the newsroom.

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