REFUGEES USA: U.S. Marshals Bully a Mom and a Baby

This is the first-person account from the wife of an incarcerated registered citizen. Names are changed and locations other than Nebraska are concealed to protect the identity of this family. The story appears here as it was related to NebraskaFACTS, with minimal editing or other changes. We relate this story during a week in which we give thanks for, among other things, the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy in this nation. When you give thanks this week for being with your loved ones, stop for just a brief moment and say a prayer for David, his wife and his 2-year-old daughter. Ponder what their country has done to them.

Some readers will be moved to pass judgment on David and for his decisions. If you are among them, think about this: Here is a guy suffering from chemical addiction, which is as much a disease as cancer. What if, instead of imposing a lifetime of bashing for a terrible mistake when he was 18, we had somehow been able to help David get treatment for his addiction? Ask any recovering addict: Treatment and recovery will free you from fear and vastly improve your decision-making ability. 

PART V: Home Invasion by Law Enforcement

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David at first was charged with domestic violence but the charge was dropped. Before it was dropped, David was told he could not have any contact with me or with our daughter.
David also was charged with failure to register (FTR), a misdemeanor in Nebraska, and he served 30 days in the Douglas County jail. When he completed that sentence, he was sent back to the state where it all began and where FTR is a Class 4 felony. He was incarcerated again and then released on that lifetime probation in October 2012.
David told authorities many times to just kill the probation and let him serve out his complete sentence because he didn’t think he would be successful on probation. But they kicked him loose, and soon he was “on the run” again. He went to another state to see his family – he had not seen them since his original incarceration in 1999.
Within a week, I had eight to 10 U.S. Marshals come to my house at 5:45 a.m. looking for him. Despite their attempts to bully and intimidate me, I just didn’t tell them anything. They tried telling me “they already knew” stuff, but I remained silent. One of them called our daughter David’s “next victim.”
It took everything in me to not scream at him and tell him to double-check his paperwork regarding my husband’s charges.  They escorted me back to work after realizing and accepting David wasn’t in my house and I wasn’t telling them anything.
David and I were apart for months before we were reunited in Omaha. When David’s younger brother needed help, we bought his bus ticket up here to help him out. We also thought that it would help David to have some family nearby. That was a mistake.
David’s younger brother turned David in, and my husband was again arrested in May 2013, the day after our anniversary. David was held as a fugitive from justice, and again faced an FTR charge.
TOMORROW: Part VI — Ordered to Sleep in an Open Field

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