REFUGEES USA: Consensual Sex at a New Year’s Eve Party a Decade Ago

This is the first-person account from the wife of an incarcerated registered citizen. Names are changed and locations other than Nebraska are concealed to protect the identity of this family. The story appears here as it was related to NebraskaFACTS, with minimal editing or other changes. We relate this story during a week in which we give thanks for, among other things, the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy in this nation. When you give thanks this week for being with your loved ones, stop for just a brief moment and say a prayer for David, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter. Ponder what their country has done to them.

PART ONE: Teen-age Sex
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My husband, David, was an 18-year-old at a New Year’s Party on 12/31/98.  (Offense date is listed as 01/01/99).  He was at a party thrown by his girlfriend’s parents, who supplied all the alcohol for underage teens to consume.  During the course of the evening, he wound up having consensual sex with his girlfriend and her underage sister.
He had a kid with the older girl, and had lived in their house to help raise his son (a son he hasn’t seen since his arrest in 1999).  The younger girl did get pregnant from that night, and David stayed with that family for five months after the New Year’s Party, and got in a fight with her dad one day, and in the heat of that fight, told the dad that David was the father of the baby.  They had previously told him it was someone else.  Anyway, the dad turned David in to the state (not Nebraska) for those charges, and although the dad dropped them later, the state still charged him.
He was arrested in October 1999, convicted of having sex with a minor, and sentenced to prison.

In June of 2008, he was released on parole and incredibly hopeful he would be able to start his life again.  The first week he got out, I broke my lease because the apartment complex I was living in would not allow SOs.  (Although my neighbor at the time stabbed someone and had the cops called to his apartment multiple times, he was allowed to stay.)
We moved into the first of many seedy hotels we would be forced to stay in because of the SO label.  It was in an area not known to be safe.  After staying there about a week, we were able to find an apartment. His parole officer looked up the address on the computer and approved it as he did not see any parks, schools, or daycares nearby.
We lived in that apartment for 2 months, until one day, the parole officer finally came to check it out. He discovered that there was a home daycare that was 4 feet inside the permissible distance and we were given 48 hours to move. The parole officer kept saying, “It’s not a big deal. Just move.” The PO obviously had no experience with a registered citizen trying to find a place to live.
A clergyman at the church where David’s mother belonged helped us out with some moving costs. This man had been willing to give David a job as he was upfront with his background. David was, but the clergyman came to our house one day, basically accusing David of lying about all of his charges.
We discovered that David had about five charges under his name, out of Nebraska, strangely enough, with offense dates from when he in prison, so there was no way he could have possibly done them.  They were the result of identity theft, committed by someone using David’s stolen identity. There were cocaine trafficking charges, a transportation violation, and multiple assault charges, and when we went to get help for identity theft, we were just given the run around, and never did get help for any of it.  David called the cops to report it, and they came to our house when I was at work, and David said they pretty much acted like it didn’t really matter, probably because he was an SO.

The cops simply refused to fill out a report, and we were left homeless.
TOMORROW: Part II — Forced Homelessness

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