‘Bash the Sex Offender" a Failing Election Tactic in Missouri, Too

Nebraska is not the only state where a political candidate went down in flames after playing the “bash sex offender” card.

In Missouri, where mostly Republicans won (like everywhere else), Democrat Jill Schupp defeated her State Senate opponent, Republican Jay Ashcroft. Prior to the November 4 election, Ashcroft ran ads that attempted to portray Schupp as “siding with predators.”

The voters elected Schupp, despite Ashcroft’s famous last name and that scummy advertising tactic.

In Nebraska, Republican Lee Terry’s campaign featured ads that accused his opponent, Democrat Brad Ashford, of being soft on crime and sex offenders. The voters booted Terry from an office he had held for 16 years.

Many former offenders vote, and many have family members and friends. They all have long memories, and they take note when a fear-mongering politician babbles her/his lies about sex offenders.

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