Do We Need a Crusade to Rein in Rogue P.O.’s? Yes, We Do

Recently we heard the latest in a long line of stories from registered citizens and their loved ones about the unnecessary damage inflicted by rogue probation and parole officers.

In our society at large, we have decided that it’s OK to do anything and everything, including murder, registered citizens. That is why there is so little supervision of those who supervise registered citizens.

We have heard of and personally experienced probation and parole officers who, for their own twisted reasons, feel free to impose devastating family-destroying restrictions on registered citizens. Many of these stories are documented in an ongoing research study that is being conducted at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. (See more info on that here).

We’d like to publish some of your anecdotes here. To prime the pump, here’s mine (mild by comparison to what I’ve heard, but instructive):

When I was on probation, my officer heard second-hand about something favorable someone had said about me in the community. The officer thought that the comment had been prompted by wife. The officer took it upon herself to attempt to restrict what my wife had to say.

I read and re-read in my probation order. It had 11 specific requirements. Nowhere was there any reference to my wife (or anyone else) giving up her free-speech rights. Later, when the P.O. somehow got the idea that she could edit my blog posts, I had to remind her that editing my blog was above her pay grade. The P.O. is there to see to it that the probation requirements required by the court are met. No more. No less.

Some day, perhaps when my book is published, I will relate some of my jaw-dropping experiences in the court-ordered “treatment” program that I successfully completed.

Do we need a crusade to ensure that we have competent, responsible P.O.’s? Perhaps. Share your story with us by email, or contact UNO to make an appointment to participate in the research project. If you already have been interviewed for the research, never hesitate to contact UNO again to update your story.

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