‘Bash the Sex Offender’ Loses Value as Vote Producer

Thanks to the registered citizen/voters who went to the polls yesterday.

Some post-election observations:

GOP Rep. Lee Terry’s slimy ad regarding former offenders and Democrat Brad Ashford did not work. Terry lost the 2nd-District congressional race. U.S. Representative-elect Ashford, as the state Legislature’s Judiciary Committee Chair, insisted upon using FACTS, not myth and lies, when dealing with the issue of registered citizens. And he won.

Former Bellevue City Council member Carol Blood championed a silly residency-restriction law in that community. And she lost in her bid for the District 3 Legislative seat.

So Terry and Blood go to the curb to join God’s own sex-offender-hammer Jon Bruning.

These are good results. But let’s never become complacent. There is so much more work to do.

Politicians might begin to notice that the more they fatten that public-shaming registry website, the more they shoot themselves in the foot. Not only do many registered citizens vote, but they have friends and family who vote.

Oh, yeah. Don’t forget: The public-shaming website is a miserable failure as a public safety tool.

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