Did Anyone Watching the Nebraska Corrections Mess Catch This Part? — NO NEW SEX OFFENSES!

Understand this: Failure to register as a sex offender is NOT a sex offense. It could mean that a registered citizen failed to understand Nebraska’s nearly incomprehensible laws on former offenders. Or it could mean the state messed up and entered wrong info about an offender (we have documented cases where that happens).

So when you hear about a registered citizen charged with “failure to register,” think of it as kind of like the Nebraska Corrections Department’s failure to abide by Nebraska Supreme Court rulings. Except the registered citizen might have just made a mistake — or the state or the sheriff might have. Failure to register is not costing you hundreds of thousands of tax dollars.

The Omaha World-Herald continues to report on the hot mess that is the Nebraska Department of Corrections. Latest story recounts the new crimes committed by those who were released early in defiance of the Nebraska Supreme Court.

GET THIS: THE SEX OFFENDERS DID NOT COMMIT ANY NEW SEX OFFENSES. There were five failure-to-register offenses. If convicted, those poor guys probably will go back to prison, even if the mistake was the state’s. 

What do you think might happen to the lying and cheating Nebraska state employees who think they are above the law? Think they’ll go to prison.

Yeah. We don’t, either.

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