Be FEARLESS: Learn What is Working for Others on the State-Sanctioned Hate Website

Would you like to know how other registered citizens are finding work, housing and supportive networks?

Have you successfully employed a tactic that discourages law enforcement’s invasions of your home for so-called compliance checks?

How are you dealing with anger or loneliness?

The topic for discussion at the next meeting of FEARLESS is “Successful Tactics for Surviving — and Thriving — Even if You’re on Nebraska’s State-sanctioned Hate Website”. 

FEARLESS meets Monday, September 29, at 7 p.m. at Saint Michael Lutheran Church, 13232 Blondo Street, Omaha. Park in the lot located on the east side of the building. Come in through the east entrance, which is just off that lot. We hope you will join us, and we hope you will bring with you someone else who would benefit from being part of our network.

FEARLESS is exclusively for registered citizens and family members or friends who wish to accompany them to our meeting. We do not permit law enforcement, therapists, probation/parole officers or other representatives of the sex-offender industry to attend.

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Nebraskans Unafraid is committed to making our communities safer by ensuring that lawmakers and policymakers do not support laws that cause homelessness, joblessness and damage to families.

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