Nebraska Law Premised on a Fabrication

Every now and then, we call attention to the Guidelines for Using the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender website.

This is one of those times. We highlight Guideline #5:

The Nebraska Legislature’s finding from the 1990s that all sex offenders are dangerous was not based on any scientific, empirical evidence. It was a politically-motivated “made up” finding that was based on popular myth. There is a vast and growing body of evidence that the reverse is actually true – that sex offenders are among the least likely to reoffend. The Legislative Finding is made up in the same way that the oft-repeated “50,000 online predators” number was made up.

Ryan Spohn, Ph.D., who completed the University of Nebraska-Omaha research that shows Nebraska sex offenders have extremely low reoffense rates, is struck by the fact that Nebraska law codifies an unfounded opinion.

“. . . it flew in the face of basically every published research study to come out over the last 10 years,” Dr. Spohn said.

Click here to read a complete Nebraskans Unafraid interview with Dr. Spohn.

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