Sex, Lies and Law Enforcement

The next time you hear some law enforcement source quote numbers in connection with sweeps, stings or compliance checks on registered citizens, keep in mind that they’re probably lying.

All sorts of deceptive tricks are being used to inflate numbers so that law enforcement agencies can continue to rake in the grant dollars (your tax dollars) that are shoveled out to “protect the public” (that’s in quotes because it, too, is a lie).

In Nebraska, the news media typically swallow whole whatever law enforcement has to say about a registered citizen. We’re not surprised. Nebraska, after all, is the state where:

  • We have been treated to the spectacle of the governor and the attorney general holding a news conference to announce an investigation into possible criminal violations in the State Department of Corrections. How about starting the investigation with the guys in charge, like the governor and the attorney general!? Nebraska news media are not asking that obvious question.
  • There is evidence of a widespread law enforcement evidence-planting scandal about which nothing is being done, except to expend taxpayer dollars in multimillion-dollar settlements.
  • And so much more. 

In Florida, by contrast, you have news people who do more than simply recycle the sheriff’s press release.

This is from from WTSP in Tampa Bay/Sarasota:

POLK COUNTY, Florida – In the decade since Chris Hansen and “To Catch a Predator” popularized Internet sex stings, more than 1,200 men in Florida alone have been arrested, accused of preying on underage teens and children for sex.
But as the stings put more and more men behind bars, detectives are working harder and harder to keep up their arrest numbers. And the tactics they’re using to put alleged sexual offenders in jail are sweeping up large numbers of law-abiding men, too. MORE

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