It Appears That Someone Finally Will Quantify The Cost-Effectiveness of Registration

Lots of attention on those who were released as a result of the Nebraska Department of Corrections’ $50 million math error.

What about the guys who presided over this hot mess? Like the governor and the attorney general.

Accountability is a fine value, for those who break the law as well as for those who are stunningly incompetent and utterly irresponsible with your tax money.

Someone should add up the millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars the current Nebraska regime has flushed down the toilet.

Oh. Wait.

Someone IS going to do that.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, with the National Justice Institute, is making grant money available for research into the effectiveness, including cost-effectiveness, of sex-offender registration. The official document seeking grant applications states:

“The purpose of this solicitation is to assess how information is shared through sex offender registration and community notification systems, how the process of information sharing has evolved since the passage of SORNA (either due to sex offender legislation or public perception), and the cost of SORNA systems to jurisdictions.”

A nice by-product of this research should be some detailed information as to who profits from the thriving sex-offender industry.

We hope that this research is conducted with rigor and honesty, and we hope that public policy regarding the treatment of former sex offenders will be influenced and shaped by FACTS and not politicians’ pandering to fear-mongering myth.

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