Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Reputation for Rude, Disrespectful Treatment Spreads to at Least One Other State

The Douglas County, Nebraska, Sheriff’s reputation for rude and disrespectful treatment of registered citizens has grown beyond the borders of Nebraska, the “Good Life” state.

When one begins gathering facts, it is so interesting that it’s hard to stop.

Thus, I’ve begun to converse with law enforcement folk in distant states about, among other things, their policy, procedure and attitude regarding registered citizens. I pick them at random, identify the person who works with registered citizens, and talk to that person.

Many of them are aware of the University of Nebraska-Omaha research that shows former sex offenders are among the least likely to reoffend. That this work seems more widely known outside of Nebraska is in itself intriguing.

One individual, again not from Nebraska, initiated the conversation about the Douglas County Sheriff’s office reputation. I was a bit taken aback because I had not mentioned Douglas County. All this person knew was that I was from Nebraska.

Without getting into any unpleasant detail, I was told that in terms of the way former sex offenders are treated, there is “not much good” to be heard about Douglas County. This from another law enforcement agency.

I responded that while I had little personal experience with Douglas County, I have not heard much good, either.

If anybody has heard anything good, would you let us know? There are two sides to every story, and if there is anything I could say in defense of Douglas County when I’m talking with people from far away, I would like to be able to say it.

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