Confronting the Lie I: Patiently Explaining the Difference Between Re-offending and Data-Entry Error

Nebraskans Unafraid Presents Confronting the Lie – Part One

Confronting the Lie is a wide-ranging interview with Lisa Sample, Ph.D., a leading national expert on sexual offending, re-offense and the law.

Dr. Sample questions the usefulness of a recent Omaha TV station’s little story about wrong addresses on the Nebraska offender registry. The KETV-Channel 7 story fails in that it does not include factual information that can be gleaned from decades of research on this topic.

Nebraskans Unafraid presents Confronting the Lie as a public-service antidote for wrong, incomplete and harmful information in most local TV news reports on this topic. Please share it with your friends, neighbors and colleagues at work. Everyone needs this information because ignorance is dangerous.

Coming tomorrow: Confronting the Lie – Part Two: The research across the nation and in Nebraska.

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