The SMART Office Case Law Handbook

Here is a good resource from the federal government that summarizes case law and legislative trends and issues in connection with former sex offender registration and notification: SMART Office Case Law Handbook

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One thought on “The SMART Office Case Law Handbook

  1. And propaganda is all that it is, what a bunch of one-sided garbage in an attempt to coerce more legislation and justify its existence. I noticed that the first footnote says that the Department of Justice makes no claims promises or guarantees about the accuracy and claims no responsibility for the use thereof. That should've been in bold letters at the top of the entire thingI also notice that the Banti case out of the Hawaii Supreme Court was not mentioned as well as the cases in Ohio and Illinoisthis is nothing more than a political ploy on the part of the Smart office trying to justify their positionsIt's time to tear this thing apart and list all the things that were not put in here so that we can share with other organizations as a It would be nice to put something together with case sightings etc. To send to the Smart office to call them on this Piece of self justifying propaganda that they have put out.

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