He Says ‘Kids Come First’ and Public Shaming Registry is Wrong

A talk show host who says, “Kids come first,” says that public registries for former sex offenders are just wrong. If you like the public shaming website in Nebraska, you should listen to this. An example: A registrant who’s done his time, trying to turn his life around and who is arrested for going to church. Don’t we want registrants in church? LISTEN and read the comments:

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One thought on “He Says ‘Kids Come First’ and Public Shaming Registry is Wrong

  1. I'm glad to hear some “Christian ” pastors really get what Jesus Christ is all about – that He came for “sinners” not the righteous – that He came to demonstrate the power of forgiveness – and that He came so that those who have faith in Him can really turn around their thinking and actions and become “new” men and women in Christ.

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